Marijs Boulogne [Brussels]

Pas maar al gerot

Pas maar al gerot
Pas maar al gerot

24.02 – 25.02.2006

Forensic theatre

Marijs Boulogne is a young theatre-maker who graduated from the RITS in Brussels in 2002 with Endless Medication, a project she performed with Manah Depauw. This cheerfully perverse, blasphemous piece about a girl called Rosa who, by immaculate conception, will soon be bearing the child of God, was immediately invited to the 2003 Kunstenfestival and that same year was also selected for the Theatre Festival.

Over the last year Marijs Boulogne has been working on her remarkable Excavation Pregnancy project in various stages and presentations, and it will reach completion at the Kaaitheater Studios under the title Pas maar al gerot. Over the last few months Marijs, with much love and imagination, great dexterity and medical knowledge, has crocheted and embroidered a dead baby. Forensic surgeons to whom she showed her child were astonished by the scientific accuracy with which she has shown every detail. In the course of the play an endoscopy is carried out on the baby by video artist Julia Clever; Marijs Boulogne focuses especially on the process of rotting that gradually affects the body.

broderie & texte Marijs Boulogne
image & vidéo Julia Clever
musique Jim Denley
dramaturgie Veerle Herremans
production Marijs Boulogne
en collaboration avec Stuk, Beursschouwburg, Nieuwpoorttheater, TIME-festival, kc nOna & Mechelen 2005 vzw


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