Einat Tuchman & Doha Jaadi [IL, BE]

Other Enter presented by Kaaitheater & Espacetous

Other Enter
Other Enter


Einat Tuchman has worked in Molenbeek for the past several years. After long insistence, she was eventually given permission to use a cellar space in a community centre: she named it ‘Espacetous’. Everyone is welcome to talk, to work or just to be. Doha, a local girl, is a regular guest. Together, they made Other Enter, which talks about the difficulties that you encounter when launching neighbourhood projects and how they nevertheless manage to create a place for ordinary people where everyone can be themselves.

direction Einat Tuchman | performance Doha Jaadi, Einat Tuchman | dramaturgy Tom Viaene | set design Khaled Barghouthi | drawing An Wittevrongel | costume Maryam Ouasine | co-production workspacebrussels, Nadine , KVS | supported by VGC

programmaboekje - programme de salle - evening programme