Opening night

Opening night
Opening night


For its first night at De Kriekelaar, Kaaitheater gives carte blanche to Soa Ratsifandrihana, Kaaitheater artist-in-residence from 2023 onwards, to take over the Kriekelaar. We invite you to discover Soa’s influences, both musical and culinary, and her first solo performance on September 30. g r oo v e is an invitation to dance, to which we can respond collectively and in full sweat during this evening.

On the menu: a jazz concert by Joël Rabesolo on guitar and Angelo Moustapha on drums. Joël is recognized as one of the most prominent Malagasy musicians of his generation, and Angelo is a percussion prodigy from the Beninese scene. 

The restaurant Mbar'a'Kaly, will offer tasty dishes from Madagascar. 

Soa will then present g r oo v e, her first solo, a tribute to the pleasure of dancing. To extend this pleasure, she will invite Freestyle Lab, a collective led by Anissa Brennet that promotes Hip Hop culture in Belgium, and Gem&I, a young artist who’s bursting onto the Brussels scene with her cosmic sets. A Freestyle Lab jam will set the evening alight, which will end with a set by Gem&I.


19:00 Malagasy dinner by Mbar’a’Kaly —> reserve in advance (before 28/09)
You can choose between a vegetarian ravitoto (cassava leaves crushed with coconut) with rice and tomato rougail or rice with hena ritra (a Madagascan beef stew).

19:00 Jazz concert by ô ry Be (Joël Rabesolo and Angelo Moustapha)

20:30 g r oo v e by Soa Ratsifandrihana

21:15 Jam Freestyle Lab + party with DJ Gem&I + DJ Owdi

01:00 End

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Soa Ratsifandrihana

g r oo v e


g r oo v e
g r oo v e
De Kriekelaar
Fri 30.09 - Sat 01.10.22

With g r oo v e, her first solo creation, Soa Ratsifandrihana plays with her many heritages. The musical creation, the dance and the light coordinate, respond and unravel in an evolving space where everything is rhythm. G r oo v e is an invitation to listen and to feel the frugal and sensitive pleasure of dancing.