Miet Warlop / Irene Wool & NTGent

One Song Histoire(s) du Théâtre IV

One Song
One Song


What is your history as a theatre maker? At the invitation of NTGent, Miet Warlop formulates an answer. She is the fourth director in the series Histoire(s) du Théâtre - after Milo Rau, Faustin Linyekula and Angélica Liddell - to take up the challenge of creating a work in which present, past and future meet each other in a surprising way. One Song is set in the universe of Warlop, where a group of performers enter the arena for an enchanting ritual about farewell, life and death, hope and rebirth. 

Through the metaphor of a live game, complete with a commentator and cheerleader, Miet Warlop invites us to form a community and transcend ourselves as in a celebration. Thus the temporary becomes universal and the personal becomes collective. That is the subtext of One Song: how one song can give meaning to an entire society. Unity in diversity.  

Together, the performers go to extremes. With sung text, images and objects, oxygen and sweat, they evoke our condition humaine. Time and again, someone stands up to push their boundaries. They defy time and express a deep human need: the moment when we can transcend our thinking body. 

• Miet Warlop studied three-dimensional art at the KASK in Ghent. In her work, she strings together images to form stunning tableaux vivants. She has presented several performances at Kaaitheater, such as Springville and Ghost Writer and the Broken Hand Break, which we are now putting up again in CC Strombeek.

presented by PeriferiK / CC Strombeek, CC De Factorij, Westrand & Kaaitheater

development and scenography Miet Warlop | performance Wietse Tanghe, Karin Tanghe, Joppe Tanghe, Willem Lenaerts, Melvin Slabbinck, Milan Schudel, Elisabeth Klinck, Kris Auman, and Imran Alam, Stanislas Bruynseels, Judith Engelen, Flora Van Canneyt | text Jeroen Olyslaegers music Maarten Van Cauwenberghe | lights Dennis Diels | costumes Carol Piron| technic Bart Van Hoydonck | production NTGent & Miet Warlop, Irene Wool vzw | coproduction Festival d’Avignon, deSingel (Antwerp), Tandem Scène nationale Arras-Douai, Théâtre Dijon Bourgogne Centre dramatique national, HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin), La Comédie de Valence, Centre dramatique national Drôme – Ardèche, Teatre Lliure Barcelona | with the support of the Flemish Government, Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government, Frans Brood productions 

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Miet Warlop

Ghost Writer and the Broken Hand Break

dance performance

Ghost Writer and the Broken Hand Break
Ghost Writer and the Broken Hand Break
CC Strombeek
Fri 25.11.22

Three performers spin around their axis for three quarters of an hour – a movement that in Sufi ceremonies is supposed to lead to a state of religious euphoria. In Miet Warlop's version, it becomes an experiment on the fine line between having and losing control.