Spoken Sunday Debate #2

On Re-Covering

On Re-Covering
On Re-Covering


Is it possible to say, 20 years after the fall of the Wall, that Germany has been reunited? Is 20 years enough time for Eastern Europe to have shaken off decades of communist dictatorship? After 20 years and a truth and reconciliation committee, is South Africa now a country free of apartheid? Has 20 years of spectacular economic development in China provided the necessary ‘space’ in which the trauma of Tiananmen can be openly discussed? How do people deal with major turning points? How much time is needed for real change?

• Barbara Matijevic
• Marleen Wijnants
• Boyzie Cekwana (1970) is a South African dancer and choreographer. Cekwana is also a guest of Spoken Worlds, with his Influx Controls: I wanna be wanna be.
• Professor Ching Lin Pang, social and cultural anthropologist at the Faculty of Social Studies at the KU Leuven.
• Gie Goris, moderator, editor in chief of MO*magazine.

Ilja Trojanow will not attend the debate.