Jos Delbeke, Martin Frick, Michèle Morel, Tinne Van der Straeten

On Climate Justice

On Climate Justice
On Climate Justice


Today millions of people are fleeing from the consequences of global warming. Nevertheless, no start has yet been made on developing any international policy. The United Nations University and CARE International recently published In Search of Shelter, a comprehensive report that contains a whole series of policy suggestions. In The Anatomy of a Silent Crisis, a report by the Global Humanitarian Forum, Kofi Annan points out the extremely urgent need to support threatened communities who have to adapt to and arm themselves against the consequences of climate change. This debate centres on the social and humanitarian components of climate change and allows prominent speakers to talk about what needs to be done.

• Jos Delbeke, European Commission’s Deputy General-Director for the Environment
• Martin Frick, Deputy Director Global Humanitarian Forum
• Michèle Morel, researcher Ecological Displacement UGent
• Tinne Van der Straeten, member of the federal parliament for Groen!
• Gie Goris (moderator), chief editor MO* magazine