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Nothing That Is Everything

Nothing That Is Everything
Nothing That Is Everything


Stef Kamil Carlens has a thing about Dada. He wrote the lyrics to his song One Perfect Day (from the album I Paint Pictures On A Wedding Dress, 1998) using he cut-up technique of the Dadaists. For the production Nothing That Is Everything he begins with a fragment from the film Dada (1969) by Greta Deses, about the first Dadaist show in the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich in 1916. Hugo Ball performed his sound poem Karawane there.

If you Google 'Dada and Cabaret Voltaire' you will find a wonderful YouTube clip. It contains all the elements that Zita Swoon Group uses: visual work in decor, masks and costumes, dance, music, rhythm, poetry, (speech) confusion and humour. Carlens and his pals reconstructed the scenes from the film clip and from this created their own work.

For Nothing That Is Everything, Zita Swoon Group collaborates with Jan Lauwers and his Needcompany. Together they create a playful performance concert which says something, in simple terms, about how people treat each other and offers a creative combination of movement and dance.

Nothing That Is Everything is an early glimpse of the centenary of Dadaism in 2016.

concept & direction Stef Kamil Carlens, Aarich Jespers | performers Stef Kamil Carlens (vocal, piano, bas, resophonic guitar, accordion, dance), Aarich Jespers (piano, small percussions, percussive guitar, effects, dance), Kapinga Gysel (vocal, piano, keyboards, accordion, dance), Eva Gysel (vocal, piano, keyboards, accordion, dance), Wim De Busser (small drum, piano, Korg MS20, effects, dance), Inge Van Bruystegem (dance, vocal), Misha Downey (dance, vocal) | coaching Jan Lauwers, Maarten Seghers | light design Luc Schaltin | artistic production assistant Laurence Bourgeois | special thanks to Needcompany | coproduction Kaaitheater | production Wolvin/Zita Swoon Group | support The Flemish authoritiesWolvin/Zita Swoon Group | support Vlaamse Overheid

with the support of VISITBRUSSELS and the Brussels-Capital Region