Hooman Sharifi [Oslo]

NO 2

NO 2
NO 2


The Norwegian-Iranian choreographer Hooman Sharifi will for NO be gathering a variety of guests around him.

On 14th November we shall see excerpts from Uncle Napoleon,
one of the most popular television series in Iran in the seventies and
now banned from the screen. Together with the philosopher Daniel Franco
and the actress Sara De Bosschere, Sharifi will translate and comment
on these excerpts. An evening on the translation of words and contexts.

On 15th November Sharifi will share the stage with pianist Alain
Franco: they will together generate material by means of improvisation.
In the Concert Studio the Norwegian dancers Rikke Bewaert and Kristine
Oren will in the meantime be performing passages from the performance
Sharifi is currently working on, based on sentences from Roland
Barthes’ Fragments d’un discours amoureux. You will be able to
read these sentences beforehand and choose your favourite, and the
dancers will then perform for you the movements they have worked out
for that excerpt.

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