LOD & Zeven [BE]




Love and murder

Nachtevening is the second part of Inne Goris’ diptych centred on the stage classic Medea, following Naar Medeia, which was so well received by both press and public last season. Lieve Meeussen (Zeven, Ultima Vez, et al.) and Jorge Jauregui Allue (Ultima Vez) will be confronting this play.

When two people have told each other everything, what else do they have to say? One thing slowly becomes clear: this can happen to any one of us, and no one ever gets a guarantee that love is forever. And who can say that love will never lead to murder?

Nachtevening is a pared-down, sensory performance where the words by Inne Goris and Pieter De Buysser and the music by Eavesdropper are well matched. A quest in which two people enter the arena, driven on by a live eight-member chorus that now and then forces them to stop and reflect in this emotion-filled arena.

Inne Goris
Inne Goris trained as a stage director and drama teacher at the Theatre Academy in Maastricht. Her first work for the stage was Niet in staat tot slechte dingen (1996-7) for the Brussels children’s theatre Bronks. She did several productions for Bronks and then worked as a dramaturge for Wim Vandekeybus. 2001 saw the premiere of Zeven, a piece in which she developed a powerful theatrical idiom that is reduced to the bare bones and full of restrained emotion. In 2003 she directed Three Sisters for her own company, vzw Zeven. For this creation she cooperated with the author Bart Moeyaert. This production was awarded the 2003 1000 Watt Prize. Inne Goris has directed productions for Het Toneelhuis, KVS, Ultima Vez, Villanella and others. Her work is balanced between performance, art, theatre and dance. March 2009 saw the premiere of Judaspassie (music by Dominique Pauwels, words by Pieter De Buysser), with which Inne Goris commenced a period of artistic work under the wing of LOD. This will be followed this season by Nachtevening and De muur, both with Pieter De Buysser.

direction Inne Goris | text Pieter De Buysser | with Lieve Meeussen, Jorge Jauregui Allue | choir Eva Vandekerckhove (soprano), Lies Tousseyn (soprano), Kristine Dehond (mezzo-soprano), Aurélie Lierman (mezzo-soprano), Emmanuelle Schotsaert (mezzo-soprano), Lut Geeraert (alto), Ed van der Ven (baritone) | music Eavesdropper | orchestration Nicolas De Cock | choir coach Rik Debonne | scenography Michiel Van Cauwelaert | costumes Isabelle Lhoas, Frédérick Denis (assistant) | production management Sofie De Wulf | technical direction Nic Roseeuw | technique Pino Etz, Johan Vandenborn | in association with NTGent | thanks to Nico Boon, Jan Staes, Lies Gythiel | production LOD (Ghent), Zeven (Brussels)