Juan Domínguez [ES]

My Only Memory

28.09 – 29.09.2018

You can only observe changes with hindsight. Indeed, the present and the past are diametrically opposed: we realize that we have arrived somewhere, but we don’t know how we got there. Life as a series of transitions that culminate in constant change. Transient shifts that are ungraspable and cannot be surveyed in the present become all the clearer when we look at them with hindsight. That is precisely what My Only Memory is: a retrospective, knowing that nothing will ever be the same.

• Juan Domínguez calls himself a conceptual clown, magic cowboy, model poet, and curator of pleasure. In the dance and performance world, he is active as a creator and curator. In 2016, a.pass invited him to present Between what is no longer and what is not yet at the Kaaistudios.

The light crushes me to the ground, I cannot move, I know what's going to happen, I am going to get euphoric, and later... the fall. I get full of dust, I don’t care at all. There I am, among all the shit. And suddenly I see that multicolored caterpillar, I would like to be its size. How long have we been looking at each other? I turn around and I see the world far from me, I move away more and more. I no longer perceive anything, there is nothing concrete... and now I get close again at great speed, I get too close, boom, I'm already inside

concept direction and text Juan Domínguez | created in collaboration with Alejandra Pombo (sound material) Gilles Gentner (lighting design) Adolfo Garcia (sound design) Adolfo Garcia | performer (English version) Joshua Rutter | production manager Barbara Greiner, Stephanie Königer | production Juan Domínguez | co-production Kunstencentrum BUDA, Tanzfabrik Berlin | support Skogen, Gothenburg, apap-Performing Europe 2020 cofounded by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, Los Teatros del Canal-Madrid. BAD-Bilbao Antzerkia Dantza | funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Berlin | thanks to Astrud, Bomba Estéreo, Los Ángeles Azules, Francis Cabrel, Victoria Pérez Royo, María Jerez, Mette Edvardsen, Cuqui Jerez, Jorge Jordi, Lola Rubio, Olga Cabrera, Sonia Noya, Manuela Schininá, Jesús Acebedo, Diego Agulló, Kike García, Arantxa Martínez, Jaime Caballer, Laura Cerrolaza, Maral Kekejian, Juan Gabriel Harcha, Marta Palacios, Julia Rubies, Alma Soderberg, Edurne Rubio and Julia Rodríguez.

programmaboekje - programme de salle - evening programme