Gabriel Schenker

Moving ~ Thinking

Moving ~ Thinking
Moving ~ Thinking

13.06 – 14.06.2013

Gabriel Schenker’s research aims at exploring the simultaneous possibilities of the body-mind for, on the one hand, producing and coordinating movement in different forms, degrees and intensities, and on the other, its ability for producing mind-images, thought, and language. What is the relation between the processes at work in motion, bodily coordinations/patterns, and the processes of imagining, associating, thinking?


Working Title Platform #6

By organising residences, Workspacebrussels supports the work of young artists, and twice a year presents the results in Working Title Platform. Don’t expect any finished productions, but exciting work in progress that may continue to evolve. In addition to the stage presentations, there are also discussions after the shows, the Field Notes publication on the residences, closed feedback sessions, a writing workshop and encounter sessions with performing arts professionals.

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concept and realization Christophe Meierhans | actress Carly Wijs | dramaturgy Bart Capelle | conceptual advisor Rudi Laermans | advising team Anne-Emmanuelle Bourgaux (ULB), Rudi Laermans (KUL), Jean-Benoît Pilet (ULB), Dave Sinardet (VUB) | constitutional jurist Anne-Emmanuelle Bourgaux | scenography Sofie Durnez | communication designer Miriam Hempel | conception & graphic design publication Manuela Dechamps Otamendi | illustration Rinah Lang | co-production Kaaitheater, workspacebrussels, Vooruit (in collaboration with Campo) | production Mokum | thanks to Kunst/werk