morning walk&workshop – Listen Here: These Woods

morning walk&workshop – Listen Here: These Woods
morning walk&workshop – Listen Here: These Woods

28.08 – 29.08.2021

[7:30] Early bird walk (nl & fr)

For the early birds among us, we meet at 7:30 am to see, hear and feel what is going on in the morning forest under the guidance of a nature guide from Natuurgroepering Zoniën. Together we will go on a discovery tour in the awakening forest, although you can also ask the question: does the forest ever really sleep? Meet at 7:30 am at the Groenendaal train station to breathe the early air of the forest together - your body and mind will be grateful. 

28/08 in Dutch + French
29/08 in Dutch + French


[9:30] Daniel Linehan, Listen Here: These Woods


[11:30] Land Connection Practices

During Land Connection Practices, Michael Helland would like to propose activities in which you nurture the connection between your body and the earth, considering how our bodies are made from the same minerals, waters, and elements as this earth which is our home.

You will explore movement exercises that connect you to the dynamic surroundings, and awareness exercises that open up your senses and bring you toward full embodiment in the here and now, exercises that connect you to your breath as you allow the breath to nourish your sense of vitality. This is a chance to let go and receive your surroundings, as well as a chance to wake up and be enlivened by the energy of the other living beings around us. A forest is a place that responds to a basic human need to connect with the more-than-human, with the green trees and the blue sky and the wild beings that fly above and burrow below.

28/08: book your spot
29/08: book your spot

• Michael Helland draws from more than 15 years of experience in dance and choreography, based upon a deep interest in exploring the relationship between our bodies and the built and natural environments we inhabit.

credits Land Connection Practicesconcept Daniel Linehan, Michael Helland | guidance Michael Helland | production Hiatus | Daniel Linehan is creative associate at DE SINGEL International Arts Campus | Hiatus is supported by the Flemish authorities | in partnership with BOS+, contributes Hiatus to the reforestation of our planet

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Daniel Linehan / Hiatus

Listen Here: These Woods


Listen Here: These Woods
Listen Here: These Woods
Groenendaal station
Sat 28.08 - Sun 29.08.21

Listen Here: These Woods is a literal invitation to go into nature. Set to the soundtrack of the forest, of wind rustling through the leaves and birds zipping by in the branches, the forest is these five dancers’ home, as they draw you into feeling its dynamic aliveness. The performance becomes a beautiful exchange between forest, dance, and audience, as we all momentarily share space with other living creatures in nature. A show for anyone who wants to strengthen their connection with nature!