Koen De Sutter [BE]



22.01 – 23.01.2016

Montaigne on stage

The actor and director Koen De Sutter has long been interested in the work of the sixteenth-century French philosopher Michel de Montaigne. His Essays are among the most interesting writings in philosophical literature. They form a self-portrait and a public confession. The reader witnesses Montaigne’s relentless attempts to understand his own existence and that of man in general. His motto was: Que sais-je? What does anyone really know for certain?

Now Montaigne is on stage. Koen De Sutter places Montaigne’s relentless quest in the present. He thinks about the large and small things of life. He talks about his pain and his joy. He denounces, confuses, admires, remembers, wavers, is curious and takes a critical look at those in power and at himself. But above all, he is hungry for good conversation.

• In recent years, Koen De Sutter has been a very successful actor and director. Amongst other things he has directed Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas, Anna Blume hat ein Vogel  by Kurt Schwitters and several works by Arne Sierens. He toured Flanders with the monologue Martens (written by Bart Meuleman) evoking the life of the late Wilfred Martens. Together with Jan Decleir he presented a memorable Faust ofte krakeling beneden de Louteringsberg by Pjeroo Roobjee.


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