Meg Stuart & Philipp Gehmacher [Brussels/Vienna]



07.06 – 09.06.2007

Enchanting chemistry between two dancer-choreographers

Last year Philipp Gehmacher and Meg Stuart spent five days together in a dance studio. The result of these five days of improvisation-based dialogue was shown to a small audience. Those who saw it spoke of ‘an enchanting chemistry between these two dancer-choreographers’. The ‘conversation’ yielded so much mutual recognition that there was a pressing need to continue it.

Even though Meg Stuart belongs to an earlier performing generation than Philipp Gehmacher, they encounter each other as rich partners of equal quality who in their improvisation are able to share ‘the moment’ with each other. Neither need be subservient to the other. Stuart opens up Gehmacher’s minimalist ‘austerity’ towards greater expressiveness. In his turn, Gehmacher accentuates the impact of gesture and exposure. Their movements together appear to rise from a common source: not only do they share an interest in the ‘twisted body’, distance, loss and absence, but a highly affective, almost erotically charged closeness arises.

Chorégraphie & danse Meg Stuart & Philipp Gehmacher
Musique en direct Niko Hafkenscheid
Dramaturgie Myriam Van Imschoot
Lumière Jan Maertens
Scénographie & costumes Janina Audick
Musique & son Vincent Malstaf
Assistance chorégraphie Sigal Zouk
Chargéé de la production Tanja Thomsen
Assistance scénography & costumes Inga Timm
Technique Oliver Houttekiet
Remerciements à Davis Freeman, Angela Glechner, Christoph Gurk, Michael Höppner, ImPulsTanz Wien, TanzWerkstatt Berlin
Production Damaged Goods, Mumbling Fish
Coproduction Kaaitheater (Brussels), Wexner Center for the Arts (Columbus, Ohio), Théâtre de la Ville (Paris), Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz (Berlin)

Meg Stuart & Damaged Goods sont soutenus par les autorités flamandes et la Commission de la Communauté flamande.

Philipp Gehmacher & Mumbling Fish sont soutenus par le département culturel de la Ville de Vienne.