Jan Lauwers & Needcompany [BE]

Marketplace 76

Marketplace 76
Marketplace 76

12.11 – 13.11.2013

Jan Lauwers’ Marketplace 76 is the dark story of a village mourning the consequences of a tragic explosion on the marketplace. But this tragic theme is injected with a dose of vitality in the way it is staged. The ever high-spirited Needcompany sings and dances and makes Marketplace 76 into an overwhelming experience of masterly images and music.

This production was on at the Kaaitheater last season, and in the summer it was at the Venice Biennale and the Avignon Festival. Libération proclaimed it one of the highlights of the festival. So don’t miss this rerun!

‘Depicting and channelling the darkest emotions with bright colours and formidable tableaux vivants: as always, Lauwers is a master at this.’ – Knack
'The dead have their place and a voice in Jan Lauwers’ wonderland. A profoundly human place, that deserves all the applause it gets.' – Der Standard
'Fully in line with the notion of cathartic theatre, Lauwers succeeds in celebrating man with all his longings and fears, and also with his deepest abysses and imperfections. ... Exceptionally exciting theatre.' – Wiener Zeitung
‘The boldness with which Lauwers casts his vision at our feet is like a cluster bomb that does not leave you unscathed. This performance has more great ideas in store than many other artists have in their whole oeuvre. This is a quality only great artists have: not having to save on inspiration. An inexhaustible source.’ – De Standaard
‘A portrait of our absurd world painted in the strongest possible colours.’ – De Morgen

'A joyous macabre dance.' – Libération

text, directing, set design Jan Lauwers | with Grace Ellen Barkey, Anneke Bonnema, Hans Petter Dahl, Julien Faure, Yumiko Funaya, Benoît Gob, Sung‐Im Her, Romy Louise Lauwers, Emmanuel Schwartz, Maarten Seghers, Catherine Travelletti, Jan Lauwers & Elke Janssens | composers Hans Petter Dahl, Maarten Seghers, Rombout Willems | costumes Lot Lemm | choreographical assistance Misha Downey | dramaturgy, surtitling Elke Janssens | sound Sam Serruys | lights Ken Hioco / Marjolein Demey | production manager Chris Vanneste | puppets constructed by Paul Contryn (de Maan) | dramaturgical introduction Erwin Jans | translation Gregory Ball | traduction Anne Vanderschueren | assistant costumes Lieve Meeussen | singing coach Lucy Grauman | technical manager Marjolein Demey | technique creation Luc Galle (chief) Irmgard Mertens, Klaas Trekker, Elke Van Der Kelen | trainee & assistant direction Camille De Bonhome | trainees production Sophie Lichtenberg, Mafalda Ferraz | photography Maarten Vanden Abeele | production Needcompany (Brussels) | co-production Ruhrtriënnale, Burgtheater (Vienna),  Holland Festival (Amsterdam) | support Vlaamse overheid