Jan Lauwers & Needcompany [BE]

Marketplace 76

Marketplace 76
Marketplace 76

24.10 – 27.10.2012


Marketplace 76 is the story of a village that is startled by an explosion. Twenty-four people lose their lives, including seven children. The tragedy weighs heavily on the surviving villagers. Grief dominates their lives. Until one day a lifeboat falls from the sky.
In Marketplace 76 Jan Lauwers has written a new epic, a kaleidoscopic story composed of four seasons. It is a meticulous report on the villagers who have been overtaken and driven forward by time, and in spite of everything are able to survive heroically. Marketplace 76 reconciles dark themes such as mourning and sorrow, incest and abduction, paedophilia and suicide with excessive love, friendship, happiness and survival

• In Marketplace 76 Lauwers and his group of all-round performers promise us a ‘festive performance with lots of live music and spectacle’. It will be premiered at the RuhrTriennale before coming to their home city of Brussels.

'Jan Lauwers’ wonderland [is] a profoundly human place, that deserves all the applause it gets.'  -  Der Standard

'Marketplace 76 is about morality, without taking a moralising tone, and takes a particular position without condemning. This courage to remain ambivalent, this refusal to simplify, which goes with an unconditional love of mankind, makes this performance a sort of artwork, which compels the spectator to define his own position – and also to an uncommonly exciting piece of theatre.'  -  Wiener Zeitung

text, directing, set design Jan Lauwers | with
Grace Ellen Barkey, Anneke Bonnema, Hans Petter Dahl, Julien Faure, Yumiko
Funaya, Benoît Gob, Sung‐Im Her, Romy Louise Lauwers, Emmanuel Schwartz, Maarten
Seghers, Catherine Travelletti, Jan Lauwers & Elke Janssens | composers
Hans Petter Dahl, Maarten Seghers, Rombout Willems | costumes Lot Lemm | choreographical
Misha Downey | dramaturgy, surtitling Elke Janssens | sound Sam
Serruys | lights Ken Hioco / Marjolein Demey | production manager Luc Galle | puppets
constructed by
Paul Contryn (de Maan) | dramaturgical introduction Erwin Jans |
translation Gregory Ball | traduction Anne Vanderschueren | assistant costumes Lieve
Meeussen | singing coach Lucy Grauman | technique Irmgard Mertens, Klaas
Trekker, Elke Van Der Kelen | trainee & assistant direction Camille De
Bonhome | trainees production Sophie Lichtenberg, Mafalda Ferraz | photography
Maarten Vanden Abeele | production Needcompany (Brussels) | co-production
Ruhrtriënnale, Burgtheater (Vienna),  Holland
Festival (Amsterdam) | support Vlaamse overheid