Charlotte Vanden Eynde & Kurt Vandendriessche [Ghent]




Mapped bodies

The choreographer Charlotte Vanden Eynde intuitively combines dance, art and performance. In MAP ME she shares the stage with her partner in life, Kurt Vanden Driessche: in the course of this performance their two bodies are literally ‘mapped’. In a sequence of still and tranquil images, we discover with them the bodies of a woman and a man, on the outside and the inside. The skin, the casing, is used among other things as a projection screen. When the picture of a chest of drawers appears on it, and the drawers open, it is as if we were literally penetrating into the intimacy of these bodies. Parts of the body are shown in close up. We, the audience, sit there witnessing how these two bodies ‘exhibit’ themselves. Very briefly something takes shape that is a little like a dance, but the body is above all approached as a sculpture, a compact mass, an erotic force.

creation & performance Charlotte Vanden Eynde & Kurt Vandendriessche
production dixit vzw for vzw kwaad bloed
co-production kunstencentrum Vooruit (Ghent), TanzQuartier Wien (Vienna)
support wp Zimmer, Départs, Europese Commissie Cultuur 2000