Compagnie Marius [BE]

Manon & Jean van Florette

Manon & Jean van Florette
Manon & Jean van Florette

19.06 – 21.06.2015

An urbanite in le Midi

The diptych Manon and Jean van Florette tells the story of an urbanite who takes up residence in a village in le Midi. This ‘alien’ is not really welcome.

Since 1999, Waas Gramser and Kris Van Trier have adapted five works by the French writer Marcel Pagnol (1895-1974). They have staged these performances as far afield as Marseille. Anyone who comes from Marseille knows Pagnol’s work by heart – and here too, in this most Pagnol-minded part of France, audiences were captivated.

Comp. Marius performs with a minimal set and a maximum of imagination, in the open air and by daylight. Thus surrendering to the unpredictability of the weather gods. You too surely?

vertaling en bewerking Waas Gramser, Kris Van Trier | Franse vertaling Monique Nagielkopf | spelers Waas Gramser, Kris Van Trier, Yves Degryse/Mathijs Scheepers, Koen Van Impe, Maaike Neuville, Frank Dierens | kostuums Thijsje Strypens | decor Koen Schetske | keuken o.l.v. Koen Roggen | coproductie Comp.Marius i.s.m. Zomer Van Antwerpen 2006