Action Zoo Humain & Theater Antigone




In October, Métisse was performed on the big stage of Kaaitheater – now you can relive the performance on Podium 19.

Métisse is a tragi-comic, musical production about the existential question of ‘half-blood children’ since the 1960s, who as illegitimate citizens were faced with social exclusion – both in Europe and in Sub-Saharan Africa. The perspectives of three generations of women, each with darker skin than the last, coalesce and reveal a piece of the hidden past and present.

• Action Zoo Humain is the theatre company led by Chokri Ben Chikha, and strives to bring intercultural questions to the fore of public debate. The company will be in residence at NTGent until 2021. Theater Antigone is a production company from Kortrijk. It is home to a variety of performing artists, authors, performers, musicians, visual artists and social-artistic workers.

‘The year is only one month old, and makers and performers of colour are in the spotlights everywhere. It is impressive how Patricia Kargbo renders the intensity of her inner world without ever actually speaking.' – DE STANDAARD

regie Tom Dupont | spel Kapinga Gysel, Patricia Kargbo, Lucas Van der Vegt, Katelijne Verbeke | tekst Tom Dupont | muziek Sam Gysel | scenografie Geert Vandewalle | lichtontwerp Maarten Thorrez | geluidsontwerp Niels Vanherpe | video Peter Monsaert | kostuums Marij De Brabandere | met dank aan Ann Van Vaerenberg, Germana Tack, Sonya Niset | met de steun van de taxshelter van de Belgische Federale Overheid & Cronos Invest, Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren | partner NTGent | artistiek advies Chokri Ben Chikha, Zouzou Ben Chikha, Jos Verbist | stage Alice De Waele | een voorstelling van Theater Antigone & Action Zoo Humain | coproductie Perpodium