Guillem Mont de Palol & Jorge Dutor

Los Micrófonos

Los Micrófonos
Los Micrófonos

13.06 – 14.06.2013

In their upcoming piece ‘Los Microfonos’ (‘The Microphones’), Guillem Mont De Palol and Jorge Dutor delve into that by which we are surrounded all the time: pop culture. By shuffling and recomposing choruses of pop songs, the audience enters a field of personal memories and wild associations.

“For this project, we want to use language as the central element. We want to focas – Ups I did it again! on how music and more concretely pop music uses language. How can we appropriate this language in order to propose an unstable playground that can displace the notion of understanding towards cultivating imagination and inspiration? By constructing a performative language consisting solely of pop song choruses, capacities for creating meaningful experiences will be negotiated. We will begin by making a playlist of pop choruses, super hits, popular and known, summer hits and all-time pop tunes in order to speak, propose actions, actívate situations, parallelisms, representations, alterations, metaphors, comparisons and all kinds of performative and literary practices.


Working Title Platform #6

By organising residences, Workspacebrussels supports the work of young artists, and twice a year presents the results in Working Title Platform. Don’t expect any finished productions, but exciting work in progress that may continue to evolve. In addition to the stage presentations, there are also discussions after the shows, the Field Notes publication on the residences, closed feedback sessions, a writing workshop and encounter sessions with performing arts professionals.

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