Tristero [BE]



21.01 – 30.01.2010

Drama, slapstick, domesticity and the sinister

In Tristero’s Living, drama is mercilessly mixed with slapstick and domesticity with the sinister. Living shows the living room as a thoroughfare for occupants and visitors, with their thoughts, desires and fantasies. Living is a performance without words that is a cross between theatre, dance and live installation. Lynch meets the Coen brothers meet Jérôme Bel.

De Standaard: ‘The company brings this complex mission to a successful end. Movement theatre generally leans towards ritual gestures or narrative mime. Tristero confidently settles itself at the intersection of the two extremes. The same can be said of the delicate balance between tear-jerking tragedy and slapstick.’ (Daniëlle de Regt, 18/11/2008)

La Libre Belgique: ‘It is like being in a forgotten work of Georges Perec. The most commonplace everydayness and the minimalism bordering on tedium better highlight the tragic actions and bring the audience to laughter, thanks to the excellent, Keaton-like actors. Clowns, as you know, are sad.’ (Guy Duplat, 15/11/2008)

The performance takes place at a hidden location in the Kaaitheater. Seating is limited!

creation, performance Kristien De Proost, Youri Dirkx, Katleen Geens, Lorenza Goos, Iris Van Cauwenbergh, Peter Vandenbempt | scenography Emma Denis | sound Peter Connelly | costumes Nele Sels | technique Herman Venderickx (Kaaitheater) | coach Myriam Van Imschoot | production Tristero (Brussels) | co-production Kaaitheater