Felicity Ford & Valeria Merlini | David Helbich

Listening Back and Forth in Brussels | Drag + Drop

Listening Back and Forth in Brussels | Drag + Drop
Listening Back and Forth in Brussels | Drag + Drop


Felicity Ford & Valeria Merlini - Listening Back and Forth in Brussels  (radio performance)
Brussels has a particular sonic identity. Valeria Merlini and Felicity Ford explored the sonorities of the city. They focused on both interior and exterior spaces, individual versus collective experiences and a range of possibilities to hear a city. Listening Back and Forth in Brussels is envisaged as a diffusion concert performance. It will offer the audience some sense of the aural character of the largest urban area in Belgium. The audience is invited to spread out and relax for an optimal listening experience full of sometimes stunning, at times familiar or completely unexpected sonic impressions.

David Helbich - Drag + Drop: a social choreography, an urban contemplation  (walk)
David Helbich and guides will pick you up at the Kaaistudios and get you to the location of the next event. They bring you from one point to the other, an apparently simple task, but at the same time an open field for interventions. Together with the audience, they will collectively execute a narrow score that guides all attendees towards a structural experience of this very particular environment: the typical Brussels topography with its very quick rhythm of social and urban changes. The walk will be highly scored, but still inviting the chaotic. A space where individual experience hits the ground of a collective restriction: the city.

Tuned City Brussels (June 27-30, 2013) is a project researching this relation between sound and space.

The first edition of Tuned City was in Berlin in 2008 and passed afterwards through Tallinn. Q-O2 workspace has invited Tuned City in 2013 to create a Brussels edition of this event. Tuned City presents artistic work and theoretical approaches derived from critical preoccupations with sound.

The program of Tuned City Brussels includes lectures, performances, walks, interventions, installations and concerts by more than 40 international speakers and artists. The opening night sets the tone for what the festival will present.