Ictus [BE]

Liquid Room # 2

Liquid Room # 2
Liquid Room # 2


Liquid concert

The Ictus Liquid Room concerts bring us new music in a relaxed setting and ambiance. You come and go as you please, stand up or relax and lie down, have a drink at the bar, and in the meantime the music continues to play, without interruption, on three stages. The alternation of live remix, improvised and composed music turns everything ‘liquid’.

In this second edition we hear the French composer and virtuoso Benjamin De la Fuente on the electric violin, Eric Echampard, phenomenal jazz drummer known for his work with Marc Ducret and others, Tomoko Taguchi, Japanese soprano, and Michael Schmid the Ictus flautist, who unveils the ‘flute beatbox’ he developed together with Georges Aperghis. Read more on ictus.be - Cobra.be - Kwadratuur

• In its programme, Ictus draws on a wide range of styles (from Aperghis to Reich, and Murail to Waits). The ensemble presents thematic concerts, portrait concerts (Jonathan Harvey, Fausto Romitelli, Toshio Hosokawa, and so on), operas, video and dance productions. Ictus is the permanent musical partner (and housemate) of Rosas and is in residence at Lille Opera.

Marc Monnet
Eros Machina 
Benjamin De la Fuente
Flip, Bip & Sirene 
Harry Partch (arr. Tim Mariën)
Barstow & The Letter 
François-Bernard Mâche
Interzone melodies by Fauré and others
Philip Glass
Piece in the Shape of a Square 
Istvan Matuz
The Glizz
Ivan Fedele
Wolfgang Mitterer
Coloured Noise, Sentence 5
Eva Reiter
Burkhard Stangl
Guest musicians: Benjamin De La Fuente (electric violin, electronics), Eric Echampard (drums), Tomoko Taguchi (soprano), Chrissy Dimitriou (flute), Wolfgang Mitterer (electronics)

musicians Benjamin De La Feunte (violin), Eric Echampard (drums), Michael Schmid (flute), François Deppe (cello), Géry Cambier (contrabass, bass), Tom Pauwels (electric guitar), Jean-Luc Fafchamps (piano, synthesizer), Gerrit Nulens (percussion), Tomoko Taguchi (singer) | sound direction Alex Fostier | mix assistant Jean-Luc Plouvier | lighting Tom Bruwier | producer Eric Verberdt | co-production Kaaitheater, Bozar, Ictus