Juli Apponen [FI/SE]

Life is hard and then you die – part 3

Life is hard and then you die – part 3
Life is hard and then you die – part 3

07.03 – 08.03.2018

Body autobiography

Juli Apponen exposes an autobiography of her body. Inevitably, it is about identity, sex and gender. The result is a collage of unspeakable pain, fashion reviews, anatomical reports of far too many operations, memories, astrology, a number of disquieting ideas and dreams, and bureaucratic adventures. Who or what determines who or what you are? This compelling lecture performance will satisfy your curiosity, perhaps even more than you would actually like.

• Finnish artist Juli Apponen studied at the Norwegian Theatre Academy, but currently lives and works in Stockholm. As a performer and choreographer, she is not interested so much in the unlimited possibilities of the body or virtuoso movements onstage, but she focuses rather on boundaries, weaknesses and limitations.

created & performed by Juli Apponen | thanks to Claire Hind