Laura van Dolron [NL]



27.11 – 28.11.2015

Love will go ahead, but with increased security. Bear in mind that there will be stricter admission checks. Please arrive well on time!

  • No rucksacks or large bags will be allowed in the building – please leave them at home.
  • Are you coming on a collapsible bike? If so, leave your saddlebags at home.
  • Security staff will check smaller bags and handbags before you can enter.
  • You will not be admitted into the café or foyer without a ticket. The evening box office will be open, but we would ask you to buy your ticket in advance. This will make things go more smoothly.

About love

Laura van Dolron examines whether she can teach herself and you how to love. Liefhebben is a heartbreaking and hilarious performance about love in all its forms. Sometimes poetic, sometimes recognisable, but always frank and cutting edge. Laura: ‘The trick is to stop asking how much love you get and start thinking about how much you give. And I suggest that we also stop thinking about it and start practising. We start today.’

• The Dutch Laura van Dolron made a name for herself with her stand-up philosophy performances. In a light-hearted way and with a lively sense of humour she converses with great thinkers. She makes people who come to philosophise laugh and people who come to laugh, think.

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tekst en spel Laura van Dolron | dramaturgie Martine Manten | vormgeving Wikke van Houwelingen en Marloes van der Hoek | lichtontwerp Gé Wegman | techniek Francis Gahide (Vlaanderen) en Paul Schimmel (Nederland) | productie In goed gezelschap van Laura | coproductie Vooruit (Gent)