Benjamin Verdonck [BE] Toneelhuis

Liedje voor Gigi

Liedje voor Gigi
Liedje voor Gigi

15.03 – 18.03.2018

A dark night, a house burning, the planets, doors that open and close and at the end, a song: puisque la terre est ronde mon amour, t’en fais pas.


In the first part of Song for Gigi, we see a succession of miniature landscapes that represent one and the same space, but at different moments in time. The second part consists of an almost infinite series of panels that appear, disappear, open and close, and thus constantly reveal new settings in the same space. In this visual elegy, Benjamin Verdonck plays the role of a sceneshifter who initiates the transformation of images but then gets lost in them. He is accompanied by two musicians.

• Benjamin Verdonck is an actor, author, visual artist and theatre maker. He performs both on conventional theatre stages and in the public space. After one more thing and WE DON’T SPEAK TO BE UNDERSTOOD (a collaboration with Pieter Ampe) last season, he is coming back to the Kaaitheater with two more new productions: Song for Gigi and The Little Wooden Donkey.


Troostend theater voor een verwarrende wereld - De Morgen

van en met Benjamin Verdonck | muziek Bram Devens, Tomas De Smet| dramaturgie Sven Roofthooft | decor Benjamin Verdonck, Lucas van Haesbroeck | lichtontwerp Lucas van Haesbroeck | productie Toneelhuis | gerealiseerd met de steun van de Tax Shelter maatregel van de Belgische Federale Overheid, Casa Kafka Pictures - Isabelle Molhant - Casa Kafka Pictures Tax Shelter empowered by Belfius

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Het houten ezeltje


Het houten ezeltje
Het houten ezeltje
Fri 01.12 - Sat 02.12.17

What starts as a lecture about Benjamin Verdonck’s new book even i must understand it enjoyably derails into a production that introduces you to one or more table stages. He presents a playful guide to the winding road from his studio to the stage, using stories, photos, films, a little theatre in a box, a cat, and music.