Tea Tupajić / Münchner Kammerspiele



20.04 – 21.04.2023

For Licht, Tea Tupajić uses the power of theatre to reach a place where language and other media cannot get to. For a year, she invited four Yezidi women to retreat together and undertake the journey towards performance.

On an empty stage, the women share the most profound memories of their bodies. All are 'survivors'; their bodies have been violated. The body tells this story through few words: it shakes, loses balance and connects with the viewer, in a shared yet intimate encounter. A sort of night watch. An expulsion from the wounds of the past, a moment of healing and an ecstatic celebration of survival.

Tea Tupajić (Sarajevo, 1984) is a Croatian theatre and film director and writer. She regularly engages in long-term processes where she invites protagonists who either seem too reluctant to go on stage or have a lot to lose by doing so. This lets her explore the potential of art in confrontation with controversial political and personal issues. Licht will be played only a handful of times in a few cities. 

“Het werk van Tea Tupajić werk is als een ijzingwekkend snelle afdaling naar de wereld van de duisternis” - Modern Times Review 

presented by KVS & Kaaitheater

direction Tea Tupajić | co-production Munich Kammerspiele & Kaaitheater