Raimund Hoghe [Düsseldorf]

Lettere amorose

Lettere amorose
Lettere amorose


The plays of the German Raimund Hoghe are intimate in a strange way. You watch rituals that are all but private and yet you feel that these ‘private mythologies’ touch on the great themes of life: love, longing, loss, sorrow, the way the little individual is crushed by the great weight of history. Hoghe tells his stories on the basis of ‘incidental items’, unsightly props, schmaltzy songs and evergreens, text fragments, restrained dance steps, etc.

In Lettere amorose Hoghe uses love letters. One of his starting points is Monteverdi’s Lettere amorose. As in his other solos, Hoghe works with material that is both private and borrowed from other people’s lives, using his own body and space. Classical and popular music stands side by side on the soundtrack. In this solo too, Hoghe worked closely together with the artist Luca Giacomo Schulte.

by Raimund Hoghe
in association with Luca Giacomo Schulte
production 1999 Raimund Hoghe (Düsseldorf), Kaaitheater (Brussel), Theater in Pumpenhaus (Münster), Bergen Internasjonale Teater (Norway), commissioned by Kultursekratariat Nordrhein-Westfalen