Pieter De Buysser [BE]

Landschap met springwegen

Landschap met springwegen
Landschap met springwegen

20.02 – 22.02.2014

Historic objects

For Landschap met springwegen Pieter De Buysser is currently compiling a collection of historic objects.  Possibilities include: the blade of the guillotine used during the Belgian Revolution, the shoes Bart De Wever wore when he started on his march to the town hall, one of the bells Pavlov used in his experiments, etc. Based on these (or other) objects on stage he will narrate the fable entitled Landschap met springwegen.

For De Buysser, historical objects are those which have played a concrete role in history. It might be a piece of shrapnel, a floppy disc or a poison cup. Objects that have helped mould us into what we are. In Landschap met springwegen they acquire a new role, to do justice to the factual history and at the same time to twist, break open and displace it. This, says De Buysser, is the importance of a storyteller today.

• Pieter De Buysser is a theatre-maker, writer and philosopher. In 2012, in collaboration with the Kunstenfestivaldesarts, we presented his book Book Burning (De Buysser & Hans Op de Beeck). Last year his novel De keisnijders was published by De Geus.

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