The Wooster Group [New York]

La Didone

La Didone
La Didone

19.05 – 24.05.2007

The Wooster Group goes opera

In Cavalli/Busenello’s baroque opera La Didone (1641), Aeneas, prince of Troy, lands on the shores of Africa after a violent seastorm.  There he falls in love with Dido, queen of Carthage, and becomes entangled in a web of love, deception, power and madness. In Mario Bava's 1965 cult movie Terrore nello spazio, the spaceship Argos crashes on the planet Aurora, and its crew becomes locked in a desperate battle with zombies over the all-important "meteor rejector."

The Wooster Group stirs these two Italian cultural artifacts together, dropping Aeneas' ships onto a forbidding planetary landscape, setting the lute alongside the electric guitar, blending acoustic and electronic space, and finding an unexpected synergy  between baroque romanticism and pre-moonlanding sci-fi. A 21st-century retelling of an ancient tale about the destructive (and redemptive) power of erotic passion and the sheer tenacity of human nature in the face of annihilation.

mise en scène Elizabeth LeCompte
avec Hai Ting Chinn, Ari Fliakos, Hank Heijink, Andrew Nolen, Kamala Sankaram, Scott Shepherd, Harvey Valdes, Kate Valk, Charlie Weaver, Judson Williams, John Young
direction musicale Bruce Odland
assistante de mise en scène Jennifer Griesbach
décor Ruud van den Akker
lumière Jennifer Tipton, Gabe Maxson
son Matt Schloss, Joby Emmons
vidéo Zbigniew Bzymek, Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck, Reid Farrington
responsable de la production Bozkurt Karasu
responsable de la scène Teresa Hartmann
présentation Kaaitheater & Kunstenfestivaldesarts
production The Wooster Group & Kunstenfestivaldesarts
coproduction Productiehuis Rotterdam (Rotterdamse Schouwburg), Grand Théâtre du Luxembourg, CC Belém (Lisbonne)
avec le soutien de l'Ambassade des Etats-Unis