Maki Morishita / Leslie Mannès / Leslie Mannès & Manon Santkin

Koshitsu / Delusive Figures / Byproduct 3

Koshitsu / Delusive Figures / Byproduct 3
Koshitsu / Delusive Figures / Byproduct 3

19.10 – 20.10.2006

In Japan, Maki Morishita’s dance solos have been awarded just about every prize available for contemporary dance. Her work displays a great sensitivity and sense of humour. ‘When I am alone in a private place,’ says Morishita, ‘I automatically start dancing. Whether it is a room, a toilet or a lift, for me it is an oasis in the midst of everyday life that invites me to free myself from all restrictions. Koshitsu is the Japanese word for private room. I use the stage as a private room.’ Morishita is also the singer in the Fruity group, admired by no less a figure than Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Leslie Mannès from Brussels studied at P.A.R.T.S. and elsewhere. In the dance performance Delusive Figures, together with Lieve Depourcq and Laia Puig Escandell, she examines the way our society deals with the body: it is looked at, stylised, elevated to the role of fetish, manipulated, ignored and so on. Byproduct 3 (together with Manon Santkin) is a multimedia approach to the body in an urban context, where dressing up and disguise form the new natural state of the body.

chorégraphie & danse Maki Morishita
production Study of Live works Baneto (2004)

Delusive Figures
concept Leslie Mannès
développé et dansé par Leslie Mannès, Lieve Depourcq, Laia Puig Escandell

Byproduct 3
par Leslie Mannès & Manon Santkin

 est une série de programmes que nous réalisons à court terme. Cela nous permet d’attraper au vol des offres inattendues et intéressantes.