Anne Juren, Marianne Baillot, Alix Eynaudi & Agata Maskiewicz [AT-FR-BE-PL]



12.11 – 13.11.2008

Komposition was created in three lengthy periods of work in which the dancers rehearsed before a ‘live audience’. The dance performance circles around the theme of the group: how do we look at a group, how do we experience a group and how does the audience appear to a group on stage. The dancers have performed with companies like Rosas and Superamas.

Théâtre Marni - rue du Vergniesstraat 25 - 1050 Brussels - T +32 2 639 09 80

Your evening ticket for 12/11 is also valid for:

  • 19:30 - KAAISTUDIO'S
    Lilia Mestre, (g)hosts

Visit also at the KAAISTUDIO'S and La Raffinerie (free entrance) >  

  • Julius Deutschbauer & Gerhard Spring, Sound of Migration
  • Iffat Fatima, Ethnography of a European city: Conversations in an Indian Restaurant in Salzburg
  • Lina Saneh, Someone must have been telling lies about me
  • Anna Piotrowska, Look 4 Faces
  • Roger Bernat, Public Domain (installation version)

initiated by Anne Juren | with Marianne Baillot, Alix Eynaudi, Anne Juren & Agata Maszkiewicz | light & technical direction Bruno Pocheron | production AIRE / Pauline Roussille (FR) & Wiener Tanz-und Kunstbewegung (AT) | co-production Tanzquartier Vienna | co-realistaion Choreographic Center Linz & Szene Salzburg