Antonija Livingstone / Heather Kravas [Montreal-Stockholm/New York]

(k)no(w) more village

(k)no(w) more village
(k)no(w) more village

11.04 – 12.04.2008


‘There is so much pure, eccentric, enlivening freedom in the performances of Antonija Livingstone and Heather Kravas’, says the Canadian writer and director Jacob Wren. ‘The kind of freedom that we are all in constant need of and yet so rarely know where to find.’

You will have seen Antonija Livingstone as a flamboyant dancer and performer with Meg Stuart and Vera Mantero. She appeared in the Kaaitheaterstudio’s in January 2007 in The Part, a performance as bizarre as it was witty, which she made with the New York artist Heather Kravas. This new dance performance of theirs opens at The Kitchen in New York and a week later will be on at the Studios.

The title of this performance is a pictogram. It tells us that we are departing, that we have quit a place, a situation. The way one reads this sign in daily life is in transit, on the road. One perceives it for but a few moments. The performance is a condition, as if of leaving a village: it hinges on borders and houses an inquiry.

by Antonija Livingstone & Heather Kravas
with special guests visual artist Daniel Davidson, securities, a butcher and a chef 
support CCN de Franche-Comté (Belfort), French-U.S. Exchange in Dance (FUSED), The Kitchen (New York), Kaaitheater 
delegate producer Marie-Andrée Gougeon & Cie Leveille Danse, Montreal