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Klapping initiation

Klapping initiation
Klapping initiation


A new street dance with roots in football.

Klapping is a nightly pilgrimage to a field, a dance ritual activated by movement, football jerseys, flares and folklore.

Klapping is set on a Brussels cement field, to take the roots of football culture and movement and re-adapt them in the style of contemporary urban dance cultures – such as B-boying and Krumping. The result is a new kind of street dance. It is a fantastic meeting of unlikely groups and a surreal and energetic experience for people from all walks of life.

Meeting point: Kaaitheater.
Klapping location: a secret!

• Mahy Nambiar is a Sri-Lankan Tamil footballer. He was born in France to refugee parents fleeing the conflict in Sri Lanka. He was a member of the Tamil Eelam national football team, which represents the unrecognised state of Tamil Eelam, in Sri Lanka, competing at the CONIFA World Cup for Unrecognised States. At the age of three he moved to London. He played for various high-level academy teams including Watford and Whyteleafe. He made his performance debut in 2018 in Mercenary performing at the London International Festival of Theatre. He has been Klapping since 2018 and working his way up from the position of "Rezzie" to "First"*

concept by Ahilan Ratnamohan | facilitated by Utility Mahy & Rabina

[*part of the Klapping hierarchy, take part in the Initiation to find out more.]

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A world tour of urban dance in ten cities
Fri 24.09.21

From South Africa to Jamaica, from the United States to Angola... The young Brazilian choreographer Ana Pi gives a tour of the world of urban dance, through ten cities and ten different types of dance. Each street dance is linked to a city, its violence and injustice, but also to vibrant energy. Ana Pi made Tour du monde des danses urbaines in 2014. Since then, she has presented the play more than 400 times around the world, for audiences of all ages.