Aviel Verbruggen e.a.

Kernenergie. Maken we ons illusies?

Kernenergie. Maken we ons illusies?
Kernenergie. Maken we ons illusies?


Evening debate on nuclear energy with Aviel Verbruggen, Eloi Glorieux and Dirk Vansintjan
+ a performance by Davis Freeman/Random Scream

Since the events at Fukushima, the use of nuclear energy has once again come to the forefront of public debate. And who better to put the cat among the pigeons than Professor Aviel Verbruggen, an energy and environmental economist at Antwerp University and a member of the IPCC, the UN climate panel.

At the invitation of the Kaaitheater and the Masereelfonds, he will be making an analysis of the way the nuclear lobby steers the media and politics. He makes it clear why nuclear energy is not a sustainable but rather a dangerous and expensive solution. And he proposes that, given sufficient political will and intelligent sustainable investment, there are sufficient alternatives to nuclear energy.

Eloi Glorieux (communication academic, member of staff at Greenpeace) and Dirk Vansintjan (project manager at Ecopower) offer their comments. After this the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions.

After the debate, the theatre-maker Davis Freeman will present the Seven Promises in the Kaaicafé. Together with the actor Jerry Killick, he plays the part of a green preacher and they try to persuade the audience to make ‘sustainable’ promises.