IT'S EXTRA | X! (un opéra fantastique)

 IT'S EXTRA | X! (un opéra fantastique)
 IT'S EXTRA | X! (un opéra fantastique)


IT'S EXTRA invites you to stay a little longer and experience something extra. Artists guide you through the universe of their performance and use different forms for doing this: a chat with a drink among the décor, immerse yourself in an afterparty discussion or debate, do a workshop or let yourself go on the dance floor!

For the IT’S EXTRA of their performance X! (A fantastic opera), Gérald Kurdian invites the Brussels-based artists, editors, illustrators, graphic designers of the future to share their creations during a queer, feminist, decolonial, glitch, witch, xenofeminist fanzine fair. On the programme : collective zine workshop by Bebe books, sharing around zine making, zine librairies, dinner, performance and party !

17:00 → 22:30   Fancy Fanzine Fair
During this fair, you can discover zine makers from all around Brussels who bring their own zines and some favorites of their collection with them. You can buy original zine directly from the makers. A copy machine will also be available, for you to copy and take home with you some of our archival zines! 
17:00 → 22:30   Fancy Button Workshop by Nimuel Gamboa
Make your own fancy pins with Nim! (without reservation)
17:00 → 19:00   Backstage: workshop by Nino André and  Vinciane Mandrin
A creative workshop around persona-making with poetry, writing, make-up and zine making.
19:00 → 20:30   Fancy Spaghetti Dinner
20:30 → 21:30   X! (un opéra fantastique)
22:30 → 00:00   Fancy Fanzine Party

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Gérald Kurdian

X! (un opéra fantastique) (18+)


X! (un opéra fantastique)  (18+)
X! (un opéra fantastique)  (18+)
De Kriekelaar
Fri 25.11 - Sat 26.11.22

In seeking to disidentify the masculine, Gérald Kurdian met flamboyant individuals who seemingly were reinventing the political through the care of the intimate. In X!, Kurdian sketches a portrait of current militant cultures and creates a choral manifesto for a sensitive revolution.