BL!NDMAN & Collegium Vocale [Brussels/Ghent]




Double chorus

Two Belgian ensembles join forces for a project that brings old and new music together in a refreshing programme. It centres on a new composition by Eric Sleichim called Isotropes de l’ombre. The creation is based on a piece written by Leonardo Da Vinci in old Tuscan. Sleichim uses the mirror form as a compositional element in the text, and this is expressed even more emphatically in his use of a double chorus. The programme also includes mediaeval chants and modern compositions by John Cage and Jonathan Harvey.

The title Isotropes refers to the scientific phenomenon in which the features of an object are the same in all directions. The position and amplification of the choruses and the saxophones during the concert ensure that the audience is in the middle of the sound sources, which intensifies its experience of these contemplative works.

Address: Eglise Notre-Dame de la Chapelle, Place de la Chapelle, 1000 Brussels


John Cage (1912-1992), Five [saxophone quartet]
Jonathan Harvey (1939), Mortuos Plango Vivos voco [electronics]
anonymous (12th century), Ordo Rachelis ‘Sanguinem nostru’ [voices]
Eric Sleichim (1958), Isotropes de l‘ombre [saxophone quartet, voices & electroncs]
Matheus de Sancto Johanne (14th century), Science n’a nul annemi [voices]
Jonathan Harvey (1939), Ricercare una melodia [solo for soprano sax & electronics]
Johannes Regis (15th century), O admirabile Commercium [voices]

production manager James Wood
BL!NDMAN saxophone quartet Koen Maas (soprano sax), Eric Sleichim (alto sax), Piet Rebel (tenor sax), Raf Minten (baritone sax)
collegium Vocale Elise Caluwaerts (soprano), Edwige Cardoen (soprano), Inge Clerix (soprano), Elisabeth Hermans (soprano), Beat Duddeck (alto/countertenor), Cécile Pilorger (alto/countertenor), Alexander Schneider (alto/countertenor), Martin van der Zeijst (alto/countertenor), Malcolm Bennett (tenor), Gerhard Hölzle (tenor), Dan Martin (tenor), Koen van Stade (tenor), Erks Jan Dekker (bass), Stefan Drexlmeier (bass), Matthias Jahrmärker (bass), Bart Vandewege (bass)
production Collegium Vocale Gent & BOZAR MUSIC
in association with Kaaitheater