Sarah van Lamsweerde [NL/BE]

Instant Fiction

Instant Fiction
Instant Fiction

09.10 – 13.10.2018

You probably know them, the security cameras in supermarkets, hotel lobbies or car parks, in which you suddenly see yourself on film. The live video installation Instant Fiction films everyday situations in public places, following the principles of security systems. You see people talking, laughing, drinking, or reading the newspaper. The difference is that the footage is supplied with subtitles in real time, taken from the scripts of a wide range of different films. Contemporary reality thus transforms into a set with actors who are completely unaware.

• Sarah van Lamsweerde works at the intersection of theatre and visual art, and researches subjects such as the mass media. She presented her installation Shrink the World at Performatik13.

concept, text & live video Sarah van Lamsweerde | Isadora patch Arie Bults | production Stichting Tre Tigri | commisioned by ANTI Festival

thanks to Ultrasound Productions & Beam Systems

programmaboekje - programme de salle - evening programme