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Infidèles [in het Nederlands]

13.01 – 15.01.2022

Infidèles is a performance about a love triangle that ended disastrously, and about the impact of lies and deceit. Four actors perform a tragedy about ordinary life, in which all too recognisable human aspects are exposed. All this is presented in the well-known STAN style: with the necessary lightness and detachment. In 2018, Infidèles premiered in a French language version - now you can experience the show in Dutch for the first time.

Infidèles is based on Ingmar Bergman's 1996 screenplay of the same name and on Laterna Magica, his autobiography published in 1987. The performance aims to pay tribute to Bergman as a writer. He also engages in dialogue with the characters himself. This search for an autobiographical dimension shows how subtly and ruthlessly he exposed human relationships. Expect an unaffected homage to Ingmar Bergman: a declaration of love, a gesture of respect, without idolatry!

• Following Scènes de la vie conjugale and Après la répétition , STAN returns to the oeuvre of Ingmar Bergman. The need to dig deeper into his work is shared by Robby Cleiren of the Roovers, who has played with STAN before. For the first time, STAN also collaborates with Ruth Becquart, known in recent years mainly for her television work.

'What makes it captivating and addictive is the apparent simplicity of the dialogues.' - LES 5 PIECES

'It's a piece that seeps in and two days later is still haunting my mind.' - (CECI N'EST) PAS UNE CRITIQUE

tekst Ingmar Bergman | vertaling Vincent Fournier | van en met Ruth Becquart, Robby Cleiren, Jolente De Keersmaeker & Frank Vercruyssen | kostuums An D'Huys | lichtontwerp Stef Stessel | techniek Iwan Van Vlierberghe | productie tg STAN & de Roovers | coproductie Festival D’Automne, Théâtre de la Bastille, Théâtre Garonne

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