Imagine Work

Imagine Work
Imagine Work


In this Imagine Work event, the SPIN collective invites us to fantasise another sense of time - in our work and in our lives.

Can you imagine working only five hours a week? Could you see your procrastination as a skillful practice? Where do the time pressures of work come from, and what do they achieve?

If your time seems scarce, if you're unsure how to juggle your own availability, if you dream of slow days or maybe faster ones, Imagine Work proposes an opportunity to reflect, discuss and imagine what other kinds of working time might be possible.

Mark Fisher (author of 'Capitalist Realism, Is There No Alternative?')
Gilad Reich and Yael Messer (curators of the exhibitions 'Time/Resistence' and 'Our Work is Never Over')
Hiroya Hirano (researcher on Basic Income and 'temporal autonomy')
Siegmar Zacharias (WOW-WE WORK HERE)

You are invited to join as a discussion partner on the ideas they propose.
Prepare to meet, to think, to listen and argue as we imagine together how radically different our working life and times could become.

SPIN is an artist-run production and research platform initiated by the Brussels-based artists Hans Bryssinck, Diederik Peeters, Kate McIntosh and art workers Els Silvrants-Barclay and Ingrid Vranken | a House on Fire project; with the support of the culture program of the European Union