Sara De Bosschere & Jan Joris Lamers/de Roovers [BE/NL]

Ik in het blauw

Ik in het blauw
Ik in het blauw

17.10 – 19.10.2014

Virginia Woolf reconstructs her life 

On 28th March 1941 the writer Virginia Woolf committed suicide. In a note to her family she said she had no choice because she felt her madness returning. 

For years Peter Verburgt has been fascinated by Woolf’s work and her tragic death. What was going through her mind when she committed this desperate act? What were her memories, her thoughts? In a stream of consciousness she reconstructs her life, her relationships. Her ideas on writing and being a woman are interspersed with memories. 

• Peter Verburgt is known as the author of the legendary Wittgenstein Incorporated, staged for Kaaitheater by Jan Ritsema in 1990. While still a student, Sara De Bosschere acted in Schiller’s Die Räuber with the Dutch collective Discordia, with Jan Joris Lamers as artistic director. Later on she worked with Lamers, with Discordia and De Vere several times. She is a founding member of the Antwerp collective de Roovers.

tekst Peter Verburgt | een voorstelling van Sara de Bosschere (de Roovers) & Jan-Joris Lamers (Maatschappij Discordia) | coproductie de Roovers (Antwerpen) & Kaaitheater