Laura van Dolron [NL]

Iemand moet het doen

Iemand moet het doen
Iemand moet het doen


Laura van Dolron describes her performances as stand-up philosophy. ‘Stand-up means that it's funny, and philosophy that it’s smart.’ Filled with amazement, she examines topics that are close to her heart. Penetrating questions and unconventional answers tumble over each other. Hard thinking and hard-boiled humour go hand in hand here.

Van Dolron sees each performance as a voyage of discovery. For her solo performance Iemand moet het doen she went on retreat to Thailand, visited a hermit on a Spanish island, met people in a Buddhist monastery in Jerusalem, and followed a course on ‘how to transform your anger into love’ in Groningen. She sought people with spiritual and philosophical answers so as to silence politicians, who today get more than enough attention. Iemand moet het doen is not a performance but a proposal for a better world.

For several decades the Netherlands were the country that ‘guided’ Europe culturally, politically and socially. This is unfortunately a thing of the past. In 2013 many initiatives in the arts sector will be for the chop. It seems to us appropriate to pay tribute now.
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