Benjamin Verdonck/Toneelhuis [BE]

Het houten ezeltje

Het houten ezeltje
Het houten ezeltje

01.12 – 02.12.2017

From studio to stage

What starts as a lecture about Benjamin Verdonck’s new book even i must understand it enjoyably derails into a production that introduces you to one or more table stages. In The Wooden Donkey, Verdonck presents a playful guide to the winding road from his studio to the stage, using stories, photos, films, a little theatre in a box, a cat, and music.

• Under the heading EVEN I MUST UNDERSTAND IT, Benjamin Verdonck has been spinning a web of projects since 2015 that might take the form of performances, exhibitions, or installations in the public space. This season, he is also appearing at the Kaaitheater with his new production Song for Gigi.

on the desk of bertolt brecht
was written in big letters
truth is concrete
on the corner of his desk
there was a little wooden donkey
with a sign around its neck
that said
and even I must understand
that there is something like truth
something that I do not doubt
for which I will struggle
for which I want to make art

concept & uitvoering Benjamin Verdonck, leerlingen van 't Speelscholeke Deurne | muzikanten Tomas De Smet en Bram Devens | productie Toneelhuis | dank aan An Verstraete

programmaboekje - programme de salle - evening programme

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Benjamin Verdonck

Liedje voor Gigi


Liedje voor Gigi
Liedje voor Gigi
Thu 15.03 - Sun 18.03.18

Like an engineer at a control panel, Benjamin Verdonck conjures a visual elegy on the stage. From a sequence of miniature landscapes to an endless series of panels that appear and disappear, open and close. Accompanied by two musicians, Verdonck gradually gets lost in his own images.