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Het dier, het dier en het beestje (8+)

Het dier, het dier en het beestje (8+)
Het dier, het dier en het beestje (8+)


A musical fairy tale about an ordinary eight-year old girl. Every morning, a dog walks to school on the other side of town with two dinos. She very much enjoys Mr. Octopus’ class, even though she has some trouble concentrating. A shark goes to supervise her in class. How can they help her? Should she be looking to switch schools? With her paws/fins/wings quivering, she gets in the hippopotamus’ taxicab. Will the teacher be just as nice over there? And what about the party she was planning, in the springtime?

Within a diorama filled with animals, heartstrings and good intentions, Theater Artemis transforms the mundane into a dream-like ‘musical’. A fairy tale with live songs about school counselors, badminton, and being the odd one out.

• Theater Artemis is a pioneering theatre company for young audiences based in Den Bosch who perform in theatres and festivals around the Netherlands and abroad. Theater Artemis likes to seek out and experiment with new forms of theatre. They create work that offers children and young people challenging experiences that teach them to have confidence in the unknown, and in themselves. Their work is brave, anarchic, interactive and often hilarious. The company also creates innovative, independent art projects in which artists and young people collaborate. Widely acclaimed shows are presented all over the world. Jetse has won numerous awards including the prestigious Silver Lion Award for Theatre 2019 from the Theatre Biennale in Venice and in 2019 the ITI (International Theatre Institute) Prize.

“Its originality is without parallel.” – De Volkskrant

“It is incredibly clever how Batelaan manages to create a disruptive balance between humour and drama in this bizarre musical: the presentation is intensely humorous, but Sterre's heart-wrenching loneliness remains palpable.” – NRC

“A bizarre, unsettling, and highly original theatre experience.” –

directed by Jetse Batelaan | performed by Sieger Baljon, Tjebbe Roelofs, Nimuë Walraven & Anneke Sluiters | voice Leny Breederveld | music Keimpe de Jong | costumes Liesbet Swings | set design Marloes Van der Hoek & Wikke Van Houwelingen | light design Bart Van den Heuvel | direction assistant Lara Van Hoof | thanks to Arjen De Leeuw, TG Oostpool, Ronald Schinkelshoek & Andreas Suntrop