Mugmetdegoudentand [NL]

Hannah en Martin

Hannah en Martin
Hannah en Martin

30.09 – 01.10.2015

Secret Love

Hannah en Martin is based on the secret love affair of the Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt and her teacher, the philosopher and briefly active National Socialist Martin Heidegger. The relationship between Arendt and Heidegger is frequently labelled as immoral. They declined to talk about it.

The distinction between private and public, of which Hannah and Martin were so fond, is no longer of our time. Nowadays we want to know everything about everyone. We want to know how these two famous Germans managed to survive the dramatic times in which they lived. And what they would have thought of the time in which we live.

• The Amsterdam group Mugmetdegoudentand was founded in 1985 by the director Jan Ritsema and several recently graduated actors. The artistic team currently consists of Marcel Musters, Joan Nederlof and Lineke Rijxman. Hannah en Martin was selected for the 2010 Dutch Theatre Festival and yielded Rijxman a Theo d'Or for Best Female Lead.

#bignames #norisk

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