Graduation Tour 2016 Programme 1

Graduation Tour 2016 Programme 1
Graduation Tour 2016 Programme 1

14.06 – 15.06.2016

Marc Vanrunxt and Vera Mantero

Once every three years students can enter the renewed PARTS Training Cycle. The first group started in 2013 and 35 of them are graduating this June. This three-year training 2013-2016 is concluded with a Graduation Tour, presenting five creations directed by invited choreographers and a selection of personal works directed by the students.

The invited choreographers are Daniel Linehan, Fabrice Mazliah, Eszter Salamon, Vera Mantero and Marc Vanrunxt.

Golden living dreams of visions (mystic crystal revelation and the mind’s true liberation) - Marc Vanrunxt

Marc Vanrunxt and his five dancers will search to their commonalities and differences, starting from contemporary classical music and psychedelic rock music from the sixties and the seventies.
Marc Vanrunxt (BE) has been active in the Flemish dance field for more than 30 years. In his large body of work he investigates the borders of dance as medium and of choreography as a language.

Step Into The World (And Out) - Vera Mantero

Together with 6 dancers, Vera Mantero dives into dance and performance and stage and  time and space and our lives and  our ideas and our emotions and our needs and our senses and our desires...
Vera Mantero (PT) sees choreography and performance as a way to get a grip on reality. For more than 30 years she has been building a particular oeuvre that bridges dance, music and theatre.

Golden living dreams of visions 
choreography Marc Vanrunxt | dance Lav Crncevic, Louis-Nam Le Van Ho, Souleimane Sanogo, Jacob Storer, Eileen Van Os

Step Into The World (And Out)
choreography Vera Mantero | performance and co-creation Mario Jose Barrantes Espinoza, Tina Breiova, Victoria Bryzgalova, Efrat Galai, Maya Oliva, Adriano Vicente