Lilia Mestre [PT-BE]



11.11 – 12.11.2008

(g)hosts is a dance performance, a sound experiment and a radio broadcast. We enter the theatre to find a world of unnerving illusions. A place haunted by opinions, sensations, emotions and other presences. Together we’ll explore the testimonies of the performers fantasy while channeling a few along the way. Please don’t be scared, be invited.

Visit also at the KAAISTUDIO'S (free entrance) > THE ART OF SURVIVAL PARCOURS

  • Julius Deutschbauer & Gerhard Spring, Sound of Migration
  • Iffat Fatima, Ethnography of a European city: Conversations in an Indian Restaurant in Salzburg
  • Lina Saneh, Someone must have been telling lies about me
  • Anna Piotrowska, Look 4 Faces
  • Roger Bernat, Public Domain (installation version)

concept & direction Lilia Mestre | creation & performance Michel Yang & Lilia Mestre | radio & sound mix David Elchardus | light design Jan Van Gijsel | special thanks to Pierre Rubio | voices off Michel Yang & Davis Freeman | text sources Bill Viola, Haruki Murakami, Mark Z. Danielewski, John Connely, John Don Delillo, The apology line (This American life), Paul Virillio & Charles Bukowski | music pieces 'Sheets and chains' by Alejandro Amenabar, 'Poème électronique' by Edgar Varese, 'The last' by Prefuse 73, 'The black Museum' by Orson Welles, 'Realm of phantasy' by Danny Cohen, 'Inhale / Suspend' by Anna Friz, 'Tortured souls' by Skream & 'Underworld' by MRK 1 | sound samples Wax Tailor, Aphex Twin & Waldeck | thanks to Davis Freeman, Maria Clara Villa-Lobos, Edurne Rubio, Luea Ritter, Caroline Daish & Sam | co-production Buda Kunstencentrum & WorkSpaceBrussels | support De Pianofabriek & Bains::Connective