Les SlovaKs [SK/BE]



16.11 – 18.11.2012

Expressive and funny

In the previous creations by Les SlovaKs, the music was improvised live on stage by Simon Thierrée. For their new piece, their third, the five dancers wanted to use existing music. Thierrée wrote a composition in four movements that was performed by the forty-piece orchestra Pulsar Ensemble, directed by Steven Decraene. To form a musical counterpoint, Les SlovaKs wove songs by the celebrated Slovak singer Melania Ollaryova into Thierrée’s composition. The dancers gave individual scenic form to each piece of music: a film scene performed live, a dance piece, a theatre act and so on. The result is entertaining, expressive, funny and moving.

• The dance idiom of Les SlovaKs, founded in 2006, is lively and uninhibited, expressive and emotional, physically brilliant and bound up with the dance traditions of their home country, Slovakia. As children they performed folk dances, and later on they met again at PARTS. Music is an essential source of inspiration in their work. Ever since the first performance, the collective has worked together with the French musician and composer Simon Thierrée.

Les SlovaKs have previously presented Opening Night (2008) and Journey Home (2009) in Kaaitheater.

Matinee Kadee: Bal Moderne (Sunday 18/11 - 15:00)
While parents watch the performance by Les Slovaks, the children (4-12) make up their own dance and perform it for their parents after the show. For children under 4 there is a creche. It’s essential to book a place!

choreography & dance Les SlovaKs Dance Collective: Milan Herich, Anton Lachky, Milan Tomasik, Peter Jasko, Martin Kilvady | composer Simon Thierrée | decor Les SlovaKs Dance Collective, Joris De Bolle | lighting design Joris De Bolle | light & sound Jan Meuwissen | costumes Mat Voorter, Pepa Martinez | technical director Joris De Bolle | production Phileas Productions (Brussels) | co-production
Kaaitheater (Brussels), Teatre Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona),
Hellerau - European Center for the Arts Dresden, NorrlandsOperan AB
(Umea, SV) | promotion SEVENTYSEVEN - Bram Smeyers |  partner DCJ – Danscentrum Jette (Brussels), Pulsar–Ensemble Dir. Steven Decraene (Ghent) | support Vlaamse Gemeenschap