Meg Stuart / Benoît Lachambre / Hahn Rowe [Brussels/Montreal/New York]



03.04 – 05.04.2008

The American choreographer and dancer Meg Stuart describes it as a tale of manners mutated into a science-fiction story, De Morgen newspaper describes it as theatre that is ‘sultry and complex, challenging and humoristic and above all shameless’. Stuart created FORGERIES, LOVE AND OTHER MATTERS in 2004, together with the Canadian choreographer and dancer Benoît Lachambre and the American composer and musician Hahn Rowe. A year later the performance was selected for the 2005 Theatre Festival. It is time for a repeat performance!

In FORGERIES... the two characters on stage are initially difficult to comprehend. Are they campers, tramps, friends or lovers, humans or animals? Meg Stuart and Benoît Lachambre are speleologists who investigate the underground landscapes of the body and the geography of our relationships with one another and our environment. As in all Stuart’s work, relationships play a central role; as do the alienation of one’s own body and of all contact with the outside world. According to De Standaard, ‘FORGERIES, LOVE AND OTHER MATTERS is about a modern feeling of being utterly lost; about a world that no longer recognises itself and convulsively tries to rebuild itself from clichés. Somewhere between love, life, despair and death.’

Stuart, Lachambre and Rowe all have their roots in the East Village scene in the New York of the mid-80s. They also collaborated in Meg Stuart’s No Longer Readymade (1993) and in the improvisation projects Crash Landing (1996-1999) and Not to Know (2002). Hahn Rowe and Benoît Lachambre received the 2006 Bessie Award in New York for their part in FORGERIES, LOVE AND OTHER MATTERS.

choreography & dance Meg Stuart, Benoît Lachambre
live music Hahn Rowe
dramaturgy Myriam Van Imschoot
scenography Doris Dziersk
costumes Tina Kloempken
light Marc Dewit
production Damaged Goods, par b.l.eux
co-production Schauspielhaus Zürich (Zürich), Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg- Platz (Berlin), National Arts Centre (Ottawa)
thanks to Ulrike Becker, Matthias Greffrath, Jorge Leon, Antonija Livingstone, Anneleen Mahy, Olaf Selg, Tine Van Aerschot, Thomas Wodianka

Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods are supported by the Flemish authorities and the Flemish
Community Commission

Benoît Lachambre / par b.l.eux are supported by Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Conseil des arts de Montréal