Fluisterbehang / Visite Guidée

Fluisterbehang / Visite Guidée
Fluisterbehang / Visite Guidée

10.10 – 22.10.2023

We sometimes say 'the walls have ears'. But what if they could also speak? Imagine if we could listen to the sounds and conversations the walls absorbed in the past. What events would we hear about? 

In Fluisterbehang/Visite Guidée, Tristero uncovers the hidden stories stored in the walls of the Schaarbeek residence at number 80 Rue Gallait. Tristero has performed on location before and this 1888 mansion also provides an exciting setting and comes with an escape route. During this guided visit, you literally put your ear to the walls of the old building. What was happening in the tiniest corner on that weird mezzanine? Who slept in the attic room during World War II? What intimate conversations took place at the front door? 

The show is about the house on Rue Gallait, but just as much about all the other houses in the world. Because what is a house? When does the house become a home and is every home also a home? What do we still let seep in through the doors and windows and what do we keep out? What do we want to keep indoors at all times? 

"In Fluisterbehang/visite guidée, every millimetre gets a story." De Standaard 

"A true Tristero performance, linking small scale with larger themes and seeking the theatricality of the specific location."Bruzz 

• The theatre collective Tristero guarantees wry comedies, contemporary dramatics, movement theatre or a mix of all that. As a Brussels-based company, multilingualism is a recurring element, again in Fluisterbehang/Visite Guidée. Following the series Fluisterbehang from autumn 2022, Kaaitheater is repeating this performance in collaboration with our temporary neighbours on Rue Gallait. 

made and performed by Andrea Bardos, Arno Boey, Cédric Coomans, Youri Dirkx, Hanne Machielsen, Yelena Schmitz | set design Amber Vandenhoeck | construction set Janneke Hertogs, Jan Van Rosendaal | construction device Christiaan Mariman | costumes Emma Zune | sound design Lucas Derycke | graphic design Thomas Van Herck | photography Liza Vandenbempt | music Gerrit Valkenaers | production Tristero | coproduction Perpodium | with the support of Kaaitheater, GC De Kriekelaar, Flemish Community Commission (VGC) and the Flemish Community